Dark and… Lovely?

 Rihanna is a slave for fashion in this barbwire getup

By now, everyone has seen the new Rihanna photo art for  her single Russian Roulette and more recently her album Rated R. Many fashion victims will claim that this is simply Rihanna once again showcasing her new, “sexy-edgy” look. Not only am I tired of this look, but it seems that all of Hollyweird is following the same trend, and I’m not excited. In fact, every time I see these new “fashion photos” I become downright depressed.

Rihanna literally looks like hell.

There was a time when the worlds of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Rock & Roll were on vastly different sides of the wall in terms of style. Now the fashion world and the music-movie video have made these genres nearly indistinguishable where R&B chick are going goth, just like the Pop chicks, who slowly follow the Rock &Roll chicks. Everyone wants to be a badass and fans eat it up as a nod to an artist’s “evolution”.

I’m not buying it.

Heidi Klum showcases her alters in a collection of dark, sexy photos.

There is something truly sad when I look at these photos of dark, stark, black and white photos with robotic themes, heavy eye makeup that reeks of ancient isoteric symbolism, the new-again trend of having alter egos (Jennifer Lopez as Lola? Come on.), everyone imitating a cat, everyone hitting the town with their ass or breasts completely out etcetera, etcetera. Call it coincidence, lack of imagination, or something sinister, but it’s all a blur to me. Everywhere I look, everyone is wearing black, purple, red, or silver, over and over again– so much so, that you would think that everyone had the same stylist. Surely there are other colors in the spectrum!

Meet Lola, Jennifer Lopez’s rock-sex kitten alter ego.

Speaking of which… Britney Spears just came out with her new video for her single “3” whose beat is wickedly addicting, yet hypnotic, dark and full of symbolism that’s not obvious to the untrained eye.

Will the real Britney Spears, please stand up?

In watching the video, I question the idea behind the huge barcode, not to mention the multiple dancers dancing on the pole–similar to Ciara’s Love, Sex & Magic video–just to name a few. Here’s Britney’s video. Look closely:

What is up with these girls??? In these times when cash is tight, everyone’s getting laid off, and people are just trying to live life, we could all use a little sunshine. Can’t we just get lifted?


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  1. well being that i am a loyal fan of rock n roll i am totally into this look. the problem is when everyone starts doing it…it becomes over saturated and downright wrong! it would be nice if everyone just stayed true to themselves and not try to imitate something else. i say yay to the punk look and nay to posers.

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