Congratulations are in order

Sharen Davis, the costume designer for Dreamgirls was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costuming, along with Jennifer Hudson, and Eddie Murphy, both in the Supporting Actress and Actor categories. Eye candy Djimon Hounsou aslo gets a nod in the supporting actor category. Forest Whitaker AND Will Smith were nominated in the Best Actor Category for The Last King of Scotland, and the Pursuit of Happyness, respectively. And Penelope Cruz was nominated for Best Actress in Volver. And last, but not least, Rinko Kikuchi gets a supporting actress nod for her performance in Babel.

Jennifer Hudson at the Paris premier of Dreamgirls
photo: Crunk + Disorderly

Eddie Murphy

The beauty from Spain, Penelope Cruz

Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi

The scrumptious Djimon Hounsou


And the Lucky Winner Is…


I Dream of Geisha: Dior Couture 2007


  1. Anonymous

    As a Spaniard, I am very offended that you confused Penelope Cruz´s cultural ethnicity. She is from Spain, not Mexico. Not everyone who speaks Spanish comes from Mexico.

  2. I apologize, and I am correcting. Apparently, I was thinking of mexican-born Salma Hayek, who is her best friend. I am correcting this now.

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