Image: The Guardian UK

Vogue’s French counterpoint school us on the art of sex appeal and reminds the public of why she is haute, and Anna is increasinglynaught. Following Wintour’s 60 Minutes interview, Roitfeld gave a brief interview to a gushing journalist in London’s The Guardian paper. The fashion diva dishes on her 8-year tenure at French Vogue, the rumors of her American takeover, and a few ideas on sexiness. My favorite?

“Me, I don’t smoke. Smoking can be a beautiful gesture for a picture. But it’s easy – it’s too easy – to make a beautiful picture with a beautiful girl smoking a cigarette. And what is the picture saying, when you have a beautiful girl and she has a beautiful outfit and a beautiful handbag, and a cigarette? No. We have to find a new gesture, I think. Because smoking, it is not good for you. Or for your teeth.”

Because I cherish my smile.
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