Greetings to All! My name is Allison V. A small town Pennsylvanian with big dreams, I’m taking a break from my adopted home in the big apple for an indefinite period of time, in the culturally rich and historic city of Florence, Italy.

The ubiquity of renassiance paintings and sculptures is likely to inspire my artistic side. Furthermore, my tentative internship at the Biennale dell’Arte Contemporanea di Firenze will keep me better in tune with what’s new in world of contemporary art.

This said, what better column to blog than the Arts. Of course, I do promise to keep things appealing to Lavish readers by keeping it local and diverse. Translation: You won’t just be hearing me prattle on about some renderings painted by some dead white men five hundred years ago in Europe. My aim is to keep it as cross-cultural and “New York” as possible, focusing on dance and theater as well.