Omar Epps on The View
Every time a male celebrity comes out in what looks like a skirt, the internets go crazy, with the public generally taking polarizing opinions: either the look is promoting some ‘gay’ agenda, or the the look is just in poor taste. Lord Jamar lead a tirade agains actor Omar Epps, who donned a leather skirt and white blazer on The View the other day.
I tend to go in the latter position, because not only is the notion that only gay men wear skirts–and obviously not all gay men wear skirts, just like the fact that all women don’t wear skirts–wrong misguided and idiotic, but wraps have been worn by African, European and South American men, among many others, for centuries. My beef is how men today choose to wear it. 
Yesterday, Mos Def Yasiin Bey came out in a Kente Cloth wrap, a buttoned-down shirt and sandals. Now, if that doesn’t say backwoods, I don’t know what does. I prefer the sleek minimal lines of monotone colors. On Mos Def Yasiin, the plain white shirt against the colorful cloth, bare legs and sandals looks woefully misaligned, dated, and a little sloppy. Note to men in skirts: do better.
Manskirt done right: