Celebrity Line of the Day: Penélope and Monica Cruz for MANGO

I love Mango stores, because they remind me of a sassier Zara, with their mix of low and high-priced knockoffs and faux vintage apparel. Perhaps it’s that electric Spanish sexuality that gets me–or maybe it’s that tinge of my Spanish blood calling.

I recently stopped at a MANGO shop and was enthralled by the accessories. And what a pleasant surprise it was to see the sisters Cruz gracing a catalogue in promotion of their new line for MANGO stores. The line is a mix of classy sexy dresses, sophisticated outerwear Their line debuts in stores September 16, 2007. Below, clips from the catalogue. Can you tell who is Penélope and who is Monica?

Check out the store here.


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  1. I love the black and red coats. They’re too cute!

  2. I think I might like the ads more than I like clothes. Those women are too gorgeous.

  3. The ads are gorgeous! And I tried to tell them apart…but got confused towards the end.

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