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Current Mood: Beychella

I still can’t get over that performance. If Beyoncé’s Blacker than Black show-out at Coachella didn’t motivate you to get up, get out and do something, nothing will. #mood

Purple Lemonade




It’s still taking me some time to process the passing of Prince. Yeah, I know Beyonce just dropped a major film and album, of which I watched and listed. Lemonade was great, and I mean that with all honesty. But in listening to her album, and so many other recent hits, I immediately heard the artists and visionaries of those who came decades before her. The artists who have been copied to death, revered to the heavens. And, as great as Beyonce’s new album is, there will never be another Prince. He lit a fiery path that has yet to be duplicated.

Prince. He was a concrete part of my childhood. My uncle would blast his albums day in and day out, and I marveled at this queer sound, full of pulse, passion,  rock and roll and blackness. Where Michael Jackson filled me with girly giddiness, Prince ushered me into womanhood, allowing me to relish in my sexual being. We partied to Prince, made love to Prince, smoked to Prince. He was the soundtrack of my youthful coming out. Song after song reminds me of past boyfriends, Alphabet City, stolen issues of Penthouse, and trips to Paramus Park mall.

Prince. Rest in Power and Soul.


Below, the images and albums that personally touched me:












When You Wanna Support A Brother But Cant: Yeezy Season 3



Bless Kanye’s heart. This man has got to be the most doggedly determined person to enter the fashion industry, critics be damned.


Kanye blessed Twitter with a few previews of the upcoming debut of Season 3, which he’ll show in a few days for New York Fashion Week I have yet to see anyone wear his collection besides his wife. And who could? The last collection was a blur of unflattering flesh tone couture Spanx. But diligence never hurt anyone, I suppose.



Thank You


If you’ve stopped by, commented, been inspired, or felt compelled to share something you’ve seen on Lavish, I just want to say, thank you. Over the years, so much has changed within me: my priorities, my passions, my goals. And I’m sure many have noticed the shift. A peek at my latest Instagram posts bear witness to that. 2016 will see me grow evermore confident, as I branch out to free my true self and share it with you.

Than You for coming. And thank you for being here for what’s to come.

To 2016…


Black Friday Promo: Design Special

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Let’s Get Started!

I’m Here For These Fall 2015 Fashion Collabs

Check out I’m Here For These Fall 2015 Fashion Collabs

by LAVISH at Mode

Pinterest Pinings

It’s been a minute since I’ve gathered all of my favorites from across the web. But My Pin boards needed a little freshening up, so have fun browsing my updated boards.

be sure to follow all of my boards on Pinterest for a little jolt to your daily inspiration.


The Hotness: Grown Up Ice Pops

For real. Because it’s crazy hot in New York Right now.


Paddle-Style Ice Pop Mold, $45, The Tickle Trunk

And if you needed the perfect recipe, I’ve found that too:

Mojito Ice Pops

3/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons coarsely chopped fresh mint leaves
2/3 cup fresh lime juice
2 cups sparkling water
2 10-ounce bags frozen fruit pieces (choose raspberries, blueberries or diced mango or melon-or practically any fruit that suits your fancy)

Measure the sugar into a food processor. Add the mint and pulse until the mint is finely chopped. Scrape the sugar into a large bowl and add the lime juice and sparkling water, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.

Divide the frozen fruit pieces among 20 ice pop molds, then fill with the lime mixture, leaving about 1/4-inch head space for expansion. Secure the lids, insert the sticks through the holes, making sure that they’re straight and that 1-1/2 to 2 inches remains exposed (for easy grasping). Slide the molds into the freezer.

When the ice pops are firmly set (this will take a couple of hours in most freezers) they’re ready to serve. Remove the lids from the molds, then either squeeze the sides of each mold to free the pops or run the mold under warm water to release them.

The Hotness: Bespoke Pheasant Clutch

I love the gently faded, vintagey feel of this pheasant clutch by Patch NYC. The tasseled zipper pull adds a sweet, bohemian quality that I adore.


Petite Pheasant Pouch, Anthropologie, $50

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