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Career & Opportunity

In catching a recent episode of Mad Men – a show that’s been serving as my visual fantasy since I ‘discovered’ it a few months ago – I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between two of the female leads, Peggy & Joan. In taking notice of each woman’s surface role – Peggy as ‘dowdy’ and Joan as ‘sensuous’ – I was actually taken back to my not-so-distant job searching days.

During those career seminars, it was stressed that a woman had to downplay the way she dressed during an interview to be taken seriously for that coveted position. At the same token, you had to make sure that made that lasting impression so that you wouldn’t fall through the cracks – which made things a bit tricky in choosing that winning ensemble. After all, does one play it safe:

or do they take risks:

But the more I thought about it, the more I saw that while we’re no longer in the Mad Men age, we as women haven’t quite escaped the Peggy vs. Joan dichotomy. We’re expected to be on top of our A-game when it comes to visually presenting ourselves, but are also required not to go over-the-top. Makes me wonder if having to choose between the two will eventually be a non-entity.

VMA Fashion Style

The tents were missing some stars last night-they were all at the MTV VMA’s showing out. While most everyone played it safe, a few expected chicks went all out (cue Lady gaga). Alicia Keys stepped her game way up in a sequined number, and wowed the crowd with her explosive performance at the end of the show. Jennifer Lopez, who presented the Best Hip Hop Video award was a mess in a velvet sleeved dress-thingy that defied all sense of taste. My, my Ms. Lopez, how far you’ve fallen.

Alicia Keys: Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez: Worst Dressed

Adrienne Bailon in a questionable yellow printed tunic and black booties
This blue batwing dress on Amerie is a flattering silhouette for anyone.
I didn’t care for the poof on Beyonce’s dress. It makes her appear as if she has a belly bulge when she turns in certain directions. It may have worked if it was poufed all the way around…
This graffiti-like cocktail dress on Cassie is fun!

Whose the star here? Amber shows Kanye up in a leopard one piece. The jury is out on this outfit. Though Amber has a great body, this unitard makes her look hefty and a little off. I would work better as a minidress.

This simple jumper on Keri Hilson is made haute with the graphic detailing on the shoulders.
The show was on all night for Lady Gaga. She changed 4 times during the show.

This leather detailed dress on Shakira is simple, sexy, and glamorous all at once. She kept the look from becoming too vampy by keep her accessories sleek and simple.

Solange was interesting in a sculptural take on the little black dress. Again, the simplification of the accessories make the dress stand out even more.

BEST VMA performance

Lady Gaga gives a bloody performance at the VMA’s

From beginning to end I was completely mesmerized by Lady Gaga’s performance of Papaprazzi, a song of a desperate girl who will stop at nothing to be with the love of her dreams. It’s a sad theme, but Gaga was visually arresting and big kudos for her singing live with minimal sound effects. Watch this video over and over and over….

The Fashionable Housewives

I just got an invite to the She by Sheree Fashion show for New York Fashion Week. Yes, Sheree from the Atlanta Housewives is showing her new collection in the Tents! This should be a sight and a spectacle to see. I wonder if Kim will show up?

In other Housewives news, Lisa Wu Hartwell, who Sheree claims “is a little copycat” in this week’s upcoming episode, premiered her fashion line “Closet Freak” recently. The proceeds from the clothes will go to Hartwells’ Big Hart foundation that assists women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. Here are a few flicks from the show:

Lisa Wu Hartwell presents: Closet Freak

Dwight showed out in a way only he can.

Nene came out with her husband

Sheree showed her support…by wearing a She by Sheree hoodie!


Ice Queen Melts Hearts

Anna lets her guard down on David Letterman

Anna Wintour went on David Letterman to promote her documentary The September Issue. Letterman digs hard to try to understand the hardcore perceptions of her a la Devil Wears Prada–and even elicits a few laughs. And see mentioned District 9. District 9! Peep the musings from the Vogue Editrix:

A Fashionable Eat: Alice + Olivia Fashion Cakes

Jennifer Matsubara’s cake take on Alice + Olivia

I was so glad when the Food Network re-aired their fashion cake challenge. Each week, professional bakers whip up designer cakes that have resembled everything from candy wonderlands to mock cities. Well this particular challenge piqued my interest with the fashion slant: each contestant had to design a cake based on the most recent collection from Stacey Bendet’s Alice + Olivia line.

Cake artist Alexandria Pellegrino is as fashionable as her cakes

After visiting the New York City showroom, the cake masters sketched out their designs. All was ready until they got thrown one huge wrench: the baking assistants would be fashion models with no cooking experience! One contestant lamented “I don’t even think models eat cake”.
Hilarious! New York Magazine fashion editor Aminar Aktar was there to judge. Since I can’t find any pictures from the show, check out the cake masters’ websites:

Joshua John Russel

Jennifer Matsubara

Michelle Doll

Alexandria Pellegrino
(my personal favorite)

The Beautiful Life: Corbin Bleu

Corbin Bleu strips for The Beautiful Life

Should I be looking at this picture? The last time I saw Corbin Bleu he was a curly-haired, fresh faced, Disney-singing boy from the High School Musical series. So excuse me if I feel a little more than awkward looking at this promo picture for the CW’s new show The beautiful Life.

I’m still contemplating weather or not I will watch this show. I was never a fan of meth-head Mischa Barton who looks worse for wear every time I see her. But these is an element of fashionable fabulous-ness that I can’t resist. The show might draw me in the same way Gossip Girl did. Time will tell.

Meantime, watch the preview:

The Beautiful Life premiers Wednesday, September 16, 2009 on the CW Network.

Fall Trends: Fierceness!

I loved every single part of the “Egyptian look”

I wanted to post this fashion video yesterday from the TODAY show. Christian Siriano, winner of Project Runway stopped by and dished on his makeup line with Victoria’s Secret (*oh.kay.*) and some cute Fall fashion trends.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Kudos to Sherri Shepherd

For going on TV in bathing suit after losing weight. It wouldn’t be me. But, who wears stockings with a swimsuit?

CelebStyle: Tyra on the set of Gossip Girl

Tyra Banks will be playing the role of an over-the-top movie star for the CW’s Gossip Girl. Her is Banks on set in her bathrobe. I can’t wait to see the dress underneath, and her makeup is flawless.

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