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Rising Dawn

Ex Danity Kane member Dawn Richards sheds some light in Honey Magazine on her solo career, her new fashion style, and her musical future with Diddy. On her new group with Diddy, Dirt Money:

Yeah, I started out writing with Puff with Last Train To Paris, with Cassie, and with Day26. I got songs on all three albums. Puff was like “I like your writing. I think you should keep writing.” Then he was like “I think you should work on Last Train To Paris.”

And on her thoughts about Diddy:

I respect the hustle. You get what you get from putting out, so if you want a great reward, you have to put the effort out.

Photographed by LeAnn Mueller | Photo direction by Erika Ramirez |Styling by Charles Wade
Hair by Larry Sims for Exclusives Artists Management |Make Up by Denika Bedrossian for

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Welcome Back, Jennifer Hudson

Her performance of the national anthem was simply flawless.

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