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Friday Swag: Kelly Rowland’s Pregnancy Bump for Elle

Who knew Lance Gross was such a great photographer? The actor took these series of shots of Kelly Rowland for the current issue of Elle magazine, where she bares all in her stunning pregnancy glory. The secret to her flawless chocolate skin?

“Shea butter, pure cocoa butter and coconut oil.”

 I’m with that!

The Stylist: Kelly Rowland’s Style Playbook

I just loved the the lipstick print Stella McCartney sweater that Kelly rocked at La La Anthony’s book signing for The Love Playbook. But at nearly $800, I wasn’t so sure that I would put down that type of cash for such a trendy item. A Google search turned up nothing that I liked (besides this kind-of-ok interpretation) so I did the next best thing, and made my own. You can get my long-sleeved lipstick shirt here. As for Kelly’s outfit, it looked so comfortable that I plan on stealing it for real.

Kelly Rowland's Lipstick Graphic Style Play

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