“Make a bitch drink coffee… And I’m allergic to caffeine”
– Erykah Badu, “Honey”
I was listening to Pandora and this song came up. I forgot how much I like it. But seriously, have you ever added honey to your coffee? It’s a really tasty alternative to sugar, and adds a wonderful richness. Those who know me know about my obsession with honey. I regularly buy the golden treat by the tub-full on Amazon.com, and it’s usually gone within a few weeks. I always get the organic kind, and have lately been using only raw because of the amount of nutrients, like propolis, that are usually filtered out in traditional processed honey. Here are five ways that I love using honey:
1. Drizzled over a bowl of Fage Greek yogurt
2. In my coffee when I run out of turbinado sugar 
3. I smear a little raw honey on a cut to act like a natural Neosporin
4. Spread underneath peanut butter on hearty wheat toast
5. In a cup of Thyme tea to quell a cough
Do you have any non traditional ways you like to use honey?

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