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Wanted: Fashion and Beauty Disasters!

Let me guess…that piece of advice you got from your favorite magazine to mix and match pieces in the same color group you still managed to get wrong. Or maybe you were always too matchy matchy at one time in your life: the outfit, the jumbo or rubber bracelets, the ponytail holder, the socks, the Trapper Keeper. You were stylin, right? Do you love the trend of red lipstick so much that you bought several different shades of red for each day of the week?

Whatever they are Lavish wants to know your most memorable fashion or beauty faux pas.

The ones you don’t want to remember? We want those too!

Arlice Nichole

Evening Hilarity: Latoya Jackson

Latoya is literally at the closest of Michael’s fame in this picture.

It seems like every poor member of the Jackson clan (except Janet) is on their hustle game HARD to let us know how close THEY were to the King of Pop. Latoya just released this commemorative song, the delusional lyrics and self reflection in her bi-racial mini-me are hilarious at best. The song and singing is not bad in and of itself> letoya just shouldn’t be the one doing it. The writer on What Would Thembi Do says:

The least they could have done is splice in a photo montage or something. Meanwhile, the song itself isn’t too bad, but unfortunately the lyrics demonstrate her delusions – “Parted by the fame we grew to only know.” WE? What do you mean “we,” paleface? And yes I do notice the ridiculous lighting meant to camouflage her aging plastic-y face that makes her look 3 shades lighter. When discussing this with a friend of mine he suggested that CNN do a version of Black In America just looking at Latoya and using her existence to explain the ill-effects that slavery and Jim Crow continue to have on black folks.

Here’s the video:

Read more here.

Morning Funnies: Nora The Cat

Nora is adorably cute. How can anyone deny that face?

This isn’t fashion, it’s just funny– And achingly cute! Nora The Piano Playing Cat has been making her rounds on the TV shows after becoming an online sensation by showcasing her piano-playing skills. Nora takes to the keys whenever someone comes to play, and engages any piano player in a duet. Happy Wednesday!

OMG It’s Devanté Swing!

Speaking of…

I used to be IN. LOVE. with this guy. Remember how his used to give us pure sexy talk before each song in that deep, sultry voice?! Well, it seems that he’s come out of hiding, and had something to say about the Rihanna/Breezy incident. (Who hasn’t lately?)

Watch the vid

Watch the video here.

Two Bitches in Heat

I got a few laughs out of Tina Fey’s dead-on impression of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin on SNL.
Watch it here:


Random Foolishness

Bush embarrasses Americans yet again at the Beijing games

It’s almost over, it’s almost over, it’s almost over…

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