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New Designer Spotlight: B.Des

Glancing at designer Brittany DeShield’s body conscious cutout dresses reminded me of the bodysuit Beyonce was seen writhing around in for her latest video Girls Who Run the World. Her take came off as edgy for the revolutionary-themed video, but may take a bit more confidence and style to pull off in real life. Not for the faint–or fat–of-heart,  these form-fitting dresses are capable of landing on the right side of chic with the correct pairing of accessories.

About the designer:

Brittany DeShields developed her sense of style while attending

I see Ciara wearing something like this…

Delaware State University where she participated in her very first fashion

…and Rihanna wearing this

show. This creative hobby opened opportunities for Brittany to create her
own career path and has become her way of life.

Try one of these looks–if you dare.
Visit the website at

Chic of the Week: Rachel Rachel Roy

Gold Tone earrings, Rachel Rachel Roy $40

I love these playful, wonderfully simplistic earrings from the new Rachel Rachel Roy line. The offshoot is a lower-priced version of Roy’s main line to be sold in Macy’s and online at the end of August. Here are some other looks for the more-affordable line:

CelebStyle: Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue of All My Children fame stepped out earlier this week for the launch of Zara Terez handbags. The collection features a colorful array of feathered, studded, and party-worthy handbags and satchels. 22-year-old Zara Zimmerman opened her line in thh fall of 2008. She draws her inspiration from city life conveniently categorized: Clubbing, Strolling, and Schlepping. Ah, the city life. Prices range from $95-$650. Visit the Zara Terez website.

I love Eva’s mix of Blue and light brown here:

Eva at the Zara Terez launch in Hollywood

Designer Spotlight: Nikera Clothing

One of our favorite shows at the Atlanta Fashion Week main show at the Biltmore was clothing line Nikera. There clothes were flirty and 50’s-feminine with a bold dash of modern color. Here’s a quick Q&A with Nicholette Moore, CEO and Head Designer of Nikera Clothing.

Where are you located?
I am home based in Virginia.

When did you start designing?
At the age of 10

What are your inspirations for your most recent collection?
Spring/Summer 2010 was inspired by the 1950s. We incorporated the full skirts and floral prints remixed with tons of bold colors!

What is the most difficult part of your job?
Having patience and faith in knowing that things will happen in due time.

Who is your favorite model of the moment?
No favorites! We adore every model we have worked with this far! Shout out to Studio76 modeling agency in Virginia Beach

What’s on constant rotation on your playlist?
Kanye, Amerie, Neyo, Drake, and The Dream

Check Nikera Clothing out on Youtube.
Nikera website

The designer, Nicholette Moore, center

DesignHer: Lady Waisted

It’s not everyday that you come across a designer with a unique design concept. Kali Ogle of Lady Waisted, Hand Made Designer Corsets, based in the U.K., is one of those rare and talented designers. From fabrics like silk and wool to polka dots and fur, Kali has revived one of the oldest and most beautiful pieces in fashion history while adding her own modern touches. Like the bustier, corsets are a classic and timeless style choice that looks good dressed up or down. I caught up with Kali and she took time out of her busy schedule to fill us in on a little more about her, her fashionation with corsets and more.

Where are you from?
I am from Yorkshire, England

When did you fall in love with fashion?
I had an interest in fashion for as long as I can remember. I’ve known that I wanted to study and work in fashion since I was 12 years old.

How did you become interested in designing corsets?
I studied costume design at university where I got to try on an original Victorian corset. They were so beautiful. I decided right away that was where I wanted to focus my attention.

Does the history of the corset or history in general inspire your designs?
I love history and I think it’s a good idea to look back at the orginal corsets for inspiration. Most of my designs are made to a modified Victorian pattern as these still give the best curves.

What aspect of fashion history are you most fascinated with?
The social aspect of fashion fascinates me. If you look back through history, fashion always reflects the social feeling of the time. During the French Revolution, peoples need to distance themselves from the rich meant that fashion became simpler then it had been in centuries. Again in the 1920’s, the role of women in society dramatically changed. Along with the social change, their clothing, dresses, and hairs styles became more masculine and the corsets became less rigid.

Do you know any interesting facts about the history of the corset?

The more you read about the corset the more interesting it becomes. Many people do not realize that men have been wearing some kind of corset just as long as women! In the 18th and 19th century particularly, it was fashionable for men to have a slim waist and they used corsets to achieve this.

Your corsets are so beautiful. Does it take you long to make one?
Each corset takes around 2-3 days to make, depending on how complicated the design is.

What was your participation in London Fashion Week like?

My Corsets were used in a catwalk show at Fashion TV’s Crystal party. I was honored that such a well known and respected show had decided to showcase my corsets. It was very exciting to see them on the catwalk along side some other great designers.

Does a certain era of history or historical figure inspire you.
My favorite era in fashion history is the Rococo period (mid 18th century). It is one of the most extravagant and colourful times in the history of fashion. The Kyoto Costume Institute has a fantastic collection of Rococo clothing.

Are your corsets easy to care for?
Lady Waisted corsets are very easy to care for. By following a few easy steps such as dry cleaning your corset and storing it by hanging over a plastic hanger (metal hangers may stain the fabric) a well made corset will stay in great condition. If you look after your corset well it will last for years.

Can you tell us about facshion?
FaCshion was a great experience. It is a small trade show held twice a year in Spitfields, London. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other designers and talk to people in the fashion industry.

Which of your own designs are your favorite?
It is difficult to choose! I think I would have to say the maids corset. I think it is very sexy. I have a new range coming out in the next couple of months and there is an elegant polka dot corset with a plunging neckline which is definatly one of my favorites.

Who is your favorite designer?
My favorite designer is Thierry Mugler. His designs are beautiful and almost theatrical.

Do you make other things?
I make a lot of different things. In my new range I have wedding and prom dresses. I’ve also started designing and making lingerie but this will not be available until later this year.

What is your blog about?
I really enjoy researching and writing my blog. It allows me to write something I’m passionate about and learn a bit more on the way. It is mainly about the history of fashion and the corset. I keep it updated with fashion news and it is also where you can find Lady Waisted.

Are your corsets comfortable?
If a corset is well made and properly fitted they are very comfortable. In fact, I often wear one while I’m sewing as they give such good support.

Which are your most popular designs?
I would say that the silk corsets are the most popular. I put a lot of time into finding beautiful and unusual fabrics.

What are the price ranges for your corsets?
Prices range from 140-350 pounds.

Do you ship to the USA?
I ship worldwide and shipping is free.

To shop visit
Also visit the Lady Waisted Corset & Fashion History Blog.

Arlice Nichole

DesignHer: Allyson Leak

If she’s not making pages and checking them twice at Hype Hair Magazine as Copy Editor, or helping to bring something fresh and new to newsstands, like Angela Simmons’ Rundown, Allyson Leak is traveling through life in designer shoes leaving her footprint on the world, creating jewelry unlike any other for her line Ally Marie Couture Jewelry.

Charm Earrings, $48

From freshwater pearls to Swarovski crystals, there’s something special about each unique Ally Marie piece. You can put these exquisite creations in a jewelry box but don’t try to put them in any other box, as there’s something for everyone, whether your personal style is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and you enjoy mixing couture classics with couture from the streets, claiming a look that’s all your own, or you’re a boho chic who’s unafraid to pair your best vintage pieces with your modern favorites.

1805 Pocketbook Necklace, $175

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter sensation Alicia Keys wore the Ally Marie Bamboo Couture Necklace when she hosted MTV Hits, “Alicia Keys Takeover Week” in November of 2007. Other celebs like Chili of TLC, actress Lisa Arrindell Anderson and TV host Shon Gables of the Black Enterprise Business Report have all been seen wearing Ally Marie originals. She was even jewelry sponsor for the celebrity gift bags at the 2008 Fashion Rocks event in New York City.

If that’s not enough, Allyson Leak is helping women conquer the world with the recent launch of her women’s empowerment blog, You’ll be introduced to fabulous women who are doing big things in their fields and making their dreams a reality. You’ll also get a dose of inspiration to help you kick down doors with your stilettos and much more!

For more information about Allyson Leak and to see which Ally Marie creation speaks to you, visit

Arlice Nichole

Line To Snatch: GuerillaSoul

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Reversa handbag, GuerillaSoul, $60

At the Atlantic Antic this past September, I was ecstatic over the amazing array of fabulous Brooklyn-based designers, each injecting their own brand of funk, flavor, color, and style into their lines. One of my favorite finds was GuerillaSoul. The line, designed by Bronx-native Sarah Djarnie is a mix of sew, silk-screened and painted handbags, shirts, clothing and accessories, designed witha one-of-akind appeal. Prices start from $20 for earrings and $100+ for handbags.

Visit GuerillaSoul now.


New Designer spotlight: Jacques Laurette

Jacqueline Lorette is a driven and high-spirited New York-based artist who produces hand-made and silk-screened painted shirts printed on silk. A true artist, Lorette first paints her images, and then uses them as inspiration for line.

The painting the shirt above is based on.

Tracy and I met her after a crazy day at the tents, and it was so refreshing to meet an un-fazed, down-to-earth designer. Her shirt are inspired by tattoo-wear, and the afterlife. The price range is $50-80. Check out more of her designs at

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