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Chic of the Week: Threads of Change iPad Case

Ipad case, $66, Threads of Change

I fall head over heals when I see a great African textile. Threads of Change is an organization dedicated aiding the development of women and children’s education in Ghana. All materials used to create their signature totes, cases and clutches is sourced from Mali and Ghana.

Their Etsy store is here


Chic of the Week: H&M obsessions

While anxiously awaiting the Lanvin H&M collection to debut (Saturday, November 20), I happily stumbled upon two surprisingly chic and cheap items, that I now must have:

1) THIS bag, looks so wonderfully nautical in a city kind of way:

Bag, H&M, $24.95

2) and this little kitten of a ring can come out to play anytime:

Ring, H&M, $4.95

Chic of the Week: Cara Couture Tribal Bangles

 Cara Couture Bracelets, $68 via Henri Bendel

Aren’t these bracelets delightful? I always fall in love with re-imagined fashion and accessories featuring African textiles. So when I saw these dandy little bangles, I fell in love. Each bangle is wrapped in traditional wax print textiles, and adorned with a small golden teardrop. Trés Jolie!

Tribal Bangles by Cara Couture
at Henri Bendel

Chic of the Week: Fashion Week Edition

Out of all the crazy stylish ( and certifiable crazy) looks we’ve seen in the tents this season, this young lady hits the mark. Her look is a simple mix of urban streetwear coupled with a few luxe accessories, like the trendy zipper-detail heels. Another big fall must-have is the overbleached denim vest that I saw Rihanna rocking a few weeks back. Get the look:

Chic of the Week: One chic cup

I’m an old fashioned, tea in a dainty cup type of gal. Rather than gulp down my cup of caffeinated bliss from a paper cup, I love to savor the feeling of a thin glass’ edge against my lips. I’m usually the only woman at work who brings her own china specifically for this purpose. While I can’t bring my whole tea set to work, there’s no stopping how I prepare my daily cup in the morning. Which is why I choose to have my French press, along with my vintage filigreed cup at home. And what a lovely way to pour my milk than from a vintage-inspired cup of with the ever-faint presence of a firefly. Enjoy for yourself…

Golden Odanata Creamer, $28, Anthropologie

Chic of the Week: Express Twist

This bracelet features one of the fall’s biggest trends in jewelry: The coiled twist.

Cuff, $17, Express

Chic of the Week: Rachel Rachel Roy

Gold Tone earrings, Rachel Rachel Roy $40

I love these playful, wonderfully simplistic earrings from the new Rachel Rachel Roy line. The offshoot is a lower-priced version of Roy’s main line to be sold in Macy’s and online at the end of August. Here are some other looks for the more-affordable line:

Chic of the Week: Novella Royale

Mister Bag, $584, Novella Royale

The bags by Novella Royale are equally unique and eco-chic. What makes these bags so cool is that they are created using old leather jackets and metal-ware to create this studded banger of a bag.

View the website here.

Chic of the Week: Richard Prince

Special edition “Mancrazy” Louis Vuitton bag by Richard Prince, $2710

I’ve been ooh’ing and ahh’ing over this bag since the Fall when all of the fabulous artists were doing their big shows. Yes, you probably won’t buy it, but Richard Prince’s Louis Vuitton Mancrazy bag makes a hell of a conversation piece.


Chic of the Week: Sergio Rossi

Green Patent Leather Sandal with Heel zipper detail, $740, Sergio Rossi

I am in love.

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