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Rihanna Better Work

Rihanna takes the cover of British Vogue for April and shows off some pieces from her new collaborative collection with Monolo Blahnik. She better werk!



The day I see a woman in the street wearing my shoes… I am sorry for that woman because I’m going to literally run after her, shouting, ‘Stop! Selfie! Who are you? Where did you get them?’ I’m going to have a moment! – Rihanna







When You Wanna Support A Brother But Cant: Yeezy Season 3



Bless Kanye’s heart. This man has got to be the most doggedly determined person to enter the fashion industry, critics be damned.


Kanye blessed Twitter with a few previews of the upcoming debut of Season 3, which he’ll show in a few days for New York Fashion Week I have yet to see anyone wear his collection besides his wife. And who could? The last collection was a blur of unflattering flesh tone couture Spanx. But diligence never hurt anyone, I suppose.



Mariah is Forever

It’s standard now for a celebrity to have a signature scent. Mariah Carey just launched her new fragrance, Forever. The fragrance has combination of tuberose and gardenia aromas, rounded off with a woody scent.

Mariah is on a roll: A new fragrance, her new movie Precious, based on the novel Push, and her album all drop this fall. For Mimi, when it rains, it pours!

Celeb Fashion Line: Petit Bijou by Garcelle

Butterfly, $445 Petit Bijou by Garcelle

Haitian goddess Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon was on the Wendy show yesterday to talk about her new life as a mom, and her children’s jewelry line. The precious pieces gives us one more reason to over-indulge our babies. While I doubt I will be icing-out my baby in pricey jewelry to inevitably get ruined by baby vomit, you can’t help but coo over the adorable line. Prices range from $40-$450.

Here’s Garcelle on Wendy yesterday (Wednesday):

Peace On Earth, $370

Moon & Star, $498

View more Petit Bijou here.

Mob Ties: Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor’s photoshoot for Married to the Mob

Teyana Taylor recently collaborated with New York City-based fashion line Married to the Mob. The line, whose acronym stands for Most Official Bitches began in 2004 by designer Leah, who wanted to create a line inspired by the gritty streets of the city.

Read more about Married to the MOB here.

And check out the Most Official blog here.

Jennifer Lopez Will Temporarily Spare Us Her Clothing Line

At least that’s what I thought I read at first glance in the New York Magazine article. All of these pop artists have been littering the fashion design arena with their classless crap for years. I guess the recession is clawing into the oncelucrative scam these non-designers have been running on the public. I am waiting for the House of Dead Wrong to follow suit. From New York Mag:

Jennifer Lopez Will Temporarily Spare the U.S. Her Clothing Line

Jennifer Lopez has decided to halt production of her Sweetface clothing line. Though Lopez was a pioneer in the celebrity clothing business, her hardly storied design career has been turbulent and, well, kind of sad. Try to suppress your shock. In 2001, she launched JLO as one of the first celebrity fashion lines. Remember her shows at New York Fashion Week? Despite the initial hype, the industry didn’t take her as a serious designer, and the line never attained the success of, say, Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. label. (Hell, we practically forgot she had a line until today’s news.) In 2007, Lopez finally decided to close JLO in the U.S. and distribute it only in other countries. But she thought America wanted more apparel by her, so she launched justsweet, which closed after only a few seasons at retail.

Full article here.

Making Her Marque: Stacey Dash

Age limit? As if!

Ruffle Panty from the Letters of Marque Collection

Now that Stacey Dash has once-again proven that you can be 40+ and incredibly hot in her King magazine spread, Ms. Dash has come out with a sexy and sophisticated line of lingerie called “Letters From Marque”. Dash says she became inspired after learning about her Dutch heritage. The line, which has an early Victorian feel, is comprised of silky caftan robes with delicate lace trim, and innocently delicate loungewear and panties.

This “letter” is a historical document given to pirates; making them privateers and giving them permission to invade and take the booty they found. Electrified by this story and passionate about the era it belonged to, the appropriately named “Letters Of Marque” was born..

Letters of Marque is available at fine lingerie stores in the US, Paris, and Tokyo.
Prices start at around $85 and up. For your nearest store location, click here.

JLo for Yamamay

Jenny from the block just won’t stop! Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface company is set to launch an intimates based line in conjuction with Italian intimates brand Yamamay. The collection is a series of lacy and shimmery bras and panties inspired by Las Vegas. Take a peek below or View the entire collection here.

The line offers swimwear as well.

Celeb Line of the Day: Eleven by Venus Williams


When I first heard about this line from Venus, I knew exactly what to expect. Something sporty, a little sexy, a little colorful, and all around comfortable. This simple line rounds up a series of graphic tees, workout-worthy shorts and tanks, and even sneakers to complete the look. Yet another reason to inspire you to hit the gym!

Tees, $7.98

Jacket: $14.98; Tank, $7.98; Shorts, $10.98; Wristband, $5.98; Sneakers, $14.98

Info: Eleven by Venus Williams

Celebrity Line of the Day: Penélope and Monica Cruz for MANGO

I love Mango stores, because they remind me of a sassier Zara, with their mix of low and high-priced knockoffs and faux vintage apparel. Perhaps it’s that electric Spanish sexuality that gets me–or maybe it’s that tinge of my Spanish blood calling.

I recently stopped at a MANGO shop and was enthralled by the accessories. And what a pleasant surprise it was to see the sisters Cruz gracing a catalogue in promotion of their new line for MANGO stores. The line is a mix of classy sexy dresses, sophisticated outerwear Their line debuts in stores September 16, 2007. Below, clips from the catalogue. Can you tell who is Penélope and who is Monica?

Check out the store here.

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