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Meet Tahliah, Beauty Blogger

Hello Lavish!
I grew up in the beauty business. As a child I spent hours playing in the family beauty salon styling mannequin heads and secretly giving my pet cat Pete beauty “treatments”. After I turned sixteen I was sent to charm school (quite unlike Ricki Lake‘s!) where I was taught about self care, etiquette, etc. After a short stint modeling I began a career of makeup artistry and eventually went to aesthetics school. After graduation I continued in the business of makeup artistry and skin care and now spend my time as a freelance artist; I attend industry seminars to better educate myself and the public about the newest trends in proper skincare.

Hello Fabulous World

I am Kandice Whitaker a native New Yorker living in the not so distant suburbs of Connecticut. I love music yes, even classical. Hey, Jessye Norman. I really love engaging in political discourse and good food; everything that is New York City.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Purchase College. Shout out to SUNY Poor Choice and an MBA from Metropolitan College of New York.

I believe if everyone just does their part the world would be a better place to call home.
Intentional human suffering at the hand of other humans is an abomination. In my spare time I work to help hurting people in the Darfur region of the Sudan.

By trade I am a music teacher and DJ/Air Talent on WYBC-FM in New Haven, Connecticut.

When I grow up I want to be rich and have a fly condo on the upper west side of Manhattan to call home after I get back from my summer home in Paris and my winter home in Hawaii.

Quote I live by: “If someone shows you who they are believe them.” Maya Angelou

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