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Getting Away Like A Pro


Kate Spade Travel Bag, $440

If you’re in the Northeast and were one of the unfortunate people to get snowed in during, you’re no doubt itching to get out of town ASAP. My daughter and I spent the weekend scouting warm locales with sand, and sun. I think I’ve mastered the art of packing, but I could always learn a thing or two. Take a peep at this video on how to pack that getaway bag like a pro.

Check out What’s in Your Bag?

by Glam Editor at Mode

Thavasa Terrific

Holding up my newest treasure – a

Samantha Thavasa patent leather quilted tote and wallet combo – courtesy of winning the bag raffle.

Hello, everyone! In attending last Thursday’s Samantha Thavasa boutique gathering on Madison Avenue, Tatiana and I got to feast our eyes on some golden goodies and bronze thrills.

From this perfect patent-leather clutch (also seen in peacock blue, above):

To this quilted treasure:
Along with this gorgeous geometric gold clutch bag:

As well as this brilliantly bronze mini men’s duffle:

And this bronze beauty:

With this speckled gold sensation:

gilded glory was the hotness in the world of Thavasa. In addition, we were treated to the cool confection of their pastel quilted bags:

We also had the pleasure of meeting the dapper Darryl Glover of (D) Glover, an up-and-coming style team that specializes in both men’s fashion and magnificent magazine spreads, and Marc Clark, a wonderful new talent with a promising new line whose bow ties are attracting some serious buzz:

Mr. Marc Clark, showcasing one of his signature golden bowties

All and all, it was a wonderful evening that brought on some serious bag envy, along with some fresh and new trendsetters to stimulate our fashion juices. Tatiana and I were also blessed to meet a diverse group of people, courtesy of Glam Media‘s knack for attracting the best and the brightest in the fashion game.

Grey Gardens

With fall right around the corner, fashion is falling into a grey funk – and that a wonderful thing! From silver to slate, grey has become the new black. So, what better way to kick off our fall fashion coverage than to peep the greatest that grey’s got to give this upcoming season. We’re sure you’ll be clamoring to add these six pieces to your wardrobe this autumn…

1) Whether you decide to rock this as a duffle or a hobo, this silver stunner is just the thing to jazz up a casual LBD. If you’re a wallflower who really wants to break out of her shell, this is just the bag that’ll take you there!

Pew snakeskin leather Botkier small Sasha duffle bag, $445, Active Endeavors,

2) Rough and tumble more your speed? Bring that tough bite to your straight-leg-jean-and-classic-pumps combo with this oversized ash grey knuckle clutch. With its ideal mix of buttery leather & beat-up chic, it definitely symbolizes a new take on ready to rumble!

Ash leather oversized Seril Knockout clutch, $335, Active Endeavors,

3) It’s tough these days to find that special bag that can carry your life without bringing your style down in the doldrums. However, fear not, for we’ve found the perfect bag that’ll work well from the workplace to an after-work chillout spot. Gorgeously grey and versatile, this Dynamic bag is definitely a great choice!

Grey leather Lesa Wallace Dynamic bag, $407, Couture Candy,

4) If you’re that edgy chick who loves to spice up her style with spikes and chains, then have we got the bag for you! This grey leather tote is just the thing that’ll allow you to pack heavy without sacrificing your rock-n-roll style!

Grey leather Rough Roses Roxy Tote, $375, Couture Candy,

5) Are you a simple kind of girl who appreciates the minimalist side of fashion? Then you should look no further than this heather grey belted sweatshirt jacket, for it’ll keep you warm while maintaining that subtle style.

Heather grey cotton Smitten one-button belted sweatshirt jacket, $92, Couture Candy,

6) Make grey your new black by trying out these fly grey leather ankle boots. A throwback to the ingenious 80s chic, these heels are ideal to pair with a minidress and dark stockings. Add some silver hardware and you’ll be the belle of the fall!

Grey leather Dolce Vita tie ankle boot, $205, Active Endeavors,

Taste The Rainbow: Color Accessories

Clockwise from top left: “Debra” bootie from Target; Chanel clutch; Chanel pump; Leather gloves by Malo on; Lanvin bootie; Fendi suede leather clutches.

I’m in love with color, as you’ve seen recently. And this fall candy-coated sweetness has spilled over to accessories. As the weather cools and color palates (pun intended) darken, be different and pick saturated booties and patent neon clutches for a bold and funky touch to your wardrobe. Get inspired.


Alex and Ani: Beautiful Beatitude

Consciousness isn’t usually the first thing that I associate with jewelry, for baubles have been– for the most part — associated with affluence and allure. However, after coming across a jewelry line that– in the words of founder and designer, Carolyn Rafaelian– creates a stronger sense of purpose through powerful, meaningful, and spiritual elements, I’ve come to see that glamour and awareness can successfully coexist in the form of Alex and Ani‘s jewelry and accessories:

amethyst and fuschia crystal Ocean Current earrings, $88

Smara five-drop wood necklace, $128

Shalya russian gold necklace, $148

Scorpio russian gold earrings, $98

Queen of the Highway beaded/ russian gold expendable bangles, $98

pink rose gold Vernal wonderwoman cuff, $78

pale amethyst dotted russian gold Standing on the Moon chain belt, $178

swarovski crystal vintage stone hair comb, $28

While the mix of downtown chic and uptown polish has caught the eye of such fashionistas as Mary J. Blige, its charity through in founding Project USA , an organization geared towards providing aid to those in need, showcase their willingness to put their ability to put their money where their mouth is.
Interested? You can either check out their website, or Saks Fifth Avenue and other fine stores.


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