I’ve been having a bit of a cloudy period, and am sorely in need of a vacation. With some events in my personal life, there is nothing that I’d rather do than get away to some place sunny, balmy, and distant. Although New York City provides and abundance of daily retreats, my sights are set on someplace a little more foreign. Which is why I’ve been excited to preview the latest Target collaboration featuring Calypso. I generally love this line for its forgiving waistlines, and roomy, colorful tunics. So I thought I could expect the same for the less expensive Target collection. Sadly I’m a bit disappointed.

While there are some standout jewelry pieces, I can admit that I probably wont buy much, considering that similar dresses can be found for a song in Harlem or Jackson Heights. But I do look forward to the home collection for some cheaper versions of what I could purchase at the more authentic Calabar Imports on Washington Avenue in Brooklyn. I guess I’ll just have to peruse the line in person once it hits the stores.

The entire clothing collection can be viewed here.