Mallory Montilla with Sarah Jessica Parker at a society event

It’s no secret that one of the most coveted jobs in the fashion industry are in the fashion PR world. It’s especially rich for firms that represent several labels; public relations people have access to the most enviable swag, and while it’s not a good worth ethic to take samples, the habit is nothing new for seasoned PR mavens. It’s one of the perks of the job. But this chic maybe got a little too greedy:

A stunning young account executive at a high-powered PR firm took her specialty in jewelry a step too far — snatching $97,000 worth of baubles that had been on loan for photo shoots, authorities said yesterday.

Turns out that 24-year-old Mallory Montilla was fired this past July from Whisper PR for under-performance. Upon her firing, executives at the PR firm discovered the missing jewels.

Whisper executives learned something was amiss when they discovered that two pieces of jewelry from famed designer Leslie Greene, including a $2,290 bracelet, were not in the firm’s safe, prompting them to track the pieces back to Montilla as the last person who had possession of them, sources said.

Montilla, who lives in Chelsea (a 24-year-old living in Chelsea? Go figure) spent the weekend in jail and was released on $5,000 bail.

My question is, why was this young girl put in charge of a jewelry account? Yes, she may be a bad apple, but I think these type of things happen when, time and time again, cute moneyed girls are put in position instead of smarter, experienced girls from the ranks.