A Dip in Havana

This post is a long time coming. My daughter and I went to Cuba back in May. It was part a birthday celebration for her, and part a personal bucket-list destination, made all the more urgent given the current administration’s antics. If we didn’t go now, there was no telling when a rash travel ban would keep us from visiting this colorful nation. We… Read More


Colorful, Magical Haiti

It is with such irony that of all the places I have traveled in my lifetime, I had never been to my own family’s country: Haiti. That it has been a dream of mine is an understatement. I would wistfully tell my relatives of my desire to make it to our homeland only to be told of the horrific violence and cautionary tales of… Read More

Road Trippin: My Journey Across the USA

In my forthcoming travel memoir, I wrote about how my grandmother would take me on cross country trips from our suburb on Long Island all the way to the coasts of California. They were vivid memories that shaped my lust for travel, even as a single mom. I started traveling with my little boo internationally when she was 4 months old. I wanted her… Read More

Black and Burning: My Experience as a Black Woman at Burning Man

Update! After all this time, a video. These images don’t even capture a sliver of my experience, but it is a glimpse into the Playa world. Back in 2006, my old roommate became obsessed with getting to this festival out in the desert with a bunch of wild hippies. I, being a hippy artist myself, was intrigued, but tepid. I considered myself open-minded, having… Read More


Throwback: New Orleans

Post-Katrina French Quarter, New Orleans, December 2007


Costa Rica: A Welcome Retreat

July 2013 Full Post Coming Soon



Custom-made halter dress I designed and had created for me in Guinea  * Pronounced (n- JAH-ra-ma)- Hello, or Greeting in Fulani Some names have been changed (*) I took this trip unexpectedly. It wasn’t planned as a vacation; I had gone to do some research and discovery on Guinean dance as part of an education initiative for my new non-profit organization. So, while I… Read More

Namaste, India

Mon 19May Heat. That is the first thing I felt as I disembarked the plane and headed to customs. We picked up our luggage, filled out some forms and we were in. Then we changed some money for a few thousand rupees. This was the easy part. As we walked out into the madness of the arrivals hall, I searched for our cab driver… Read More


Bom Dia!*

(*Bohn JEE-yah, meaning “Good Day” in Portuguese) A cheerfully painted home on a street just north of Pelhourino My anticipations for Brazil have always been high. Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember catching my first glimpse of the country and her beautiful women in a spread in Allure Magazine. From then on I had always secretly wished that I had… Read More