Exploring Atlanta: Old Fourth Ward

    I spent a brief spell living in Atlanta before my daughter was born. After living in Manhattan and Brooklyn for most of my adult life, I just felt that I needed to escape this expensive city in order to propel myself forward in life. There is a saying: Sometimes you’ve gotta go in order to grow. Being in the ATL allowed me to save massive amounts of money while receiving my comparable NYC salary, so that I could even indulge many times. And by the time I decided to come back up to NYC, I had a comfortable cushion.

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    Revisiting Philly

    It's been quite a while since I visited Philadelphia. I think the last time may have been 2008 or so, and so much has changed since then. I was in town to run a 15k last weekend, building upon this year's goal to get out and run. My dad had called me and requested a cheesesteak from Jim's so I headed down to South Street to grab his sandwich and take a look around. Despite the inevitable housing growth and new developments springing up in formerly decrepit areas, I was still charmed by the art, the old-fashioned shops, and the small-town vibe that lingered on every corner. I guess I missed it the last time around.

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    Throwback: Versailles

    I spent a day roaming the gardens of Versailles Palace. One of the most magical places I've ever been.

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    Throwback: New Orleans

    Post-Katrina French Quarter, New Orleans, December 2007

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    Where's the Party At? Amsterdam

    It seemed like every African and Afro-European was in this spot. It was definitely on! If you go to Amsterdam, stand in the Newmarkt square section in the Red Light District and wait for an unmarked cab. When they see a Black person standing there, they will stop for you. Then, ask them to take you to Grand Café, (in English! Yes, they speak English AND Dutch, so chill)and you will be in one of the hottest underground nightspots in town. This isn't in the tour guides, people. And don't bother getting into a regular cab, because they will take you to the popular tourist-y Grand Café that is in all the guidebooks. They play a mixture of the hottest R&B, rap, and African pop and hip hop. You can't help but move. I had a blast!

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