Colorful, Magical Haiti

It is with such irony that of all the places I have traveled in my lifetime, I had never been to my own family’s country: Haiti. That it has been a dream of mine is an understatement. I would wistfully tell my relatives of my desire to make it to our homeland only to be told of the horrific violence and cautionary tales of kidnapping that might befall a young dreamy-eyed Haitian girl born in America. But this was the year I told myself I would make it happen.

This trip held purpose. I was there to run the Haiti Marathon, a fledgling startup event that launched against all odds. It was a tough race with relentless hills, and a scorching sun, but I eventually made it to the finish line, with the help of some UN troops, a police escort, and my Haitian people cheering me along the route.

Though my first Haiti trip was short (no doubt I will be back soon), I spent time visiting family and exploring the luscious waterfalls of Bassin Bleu in Jacmel. It was just a taste of what is such an expansive, stunning, underrepresented Caribbean country. My wanderlust 6 year old didn’t come with me on this trip, but harasses me nearly every day for her chance to visit Ayiti. I don’t blame her.

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