Custom-made halter dress I designed and had created for me in Guinea  * Pronounced (n- JAH-ra-ma)- Hello, or Greeting in Fulani Some names have been changed (*) I took this trip unexpectedly. It wasn’t planned as a vacation; I had gone to do some research and discovery on Guinean dance as part of an education initiative for my new non-profit organization. So, while I… Read More

Namaste, India

Mon 19May Heat. That is the first thing I felt as I disembarked the plane and headed to customs. We picked up our luggage, filled out some forms and we were in. Then we changed some money for a few thousand rupees. This was the easy part. As we walked out into the madness of the arrivals hall, I searched for our cab driver… Read More


Bom Dia!*

(*Bohn JEE-yah, meaning “Good Day” in Portuguese) A cheerfully painted home on a street just north of Pelhourino My anticipations for Brazil have always been high. Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember catching my first glimpse of the country and her beautiful women in a spread in Allure Magazine. From then on I had always secretly wished that I had… Read More


A street on Goree Island   The following post is a collection of some of my journal entries I hope you enjoy my recollections, and maybe get inspired to visit yourself! Tatiana Wednesday, December 13, 2006 My day starts off after a restless sleep. I’m so excited/nervous/anxious–so many emotions going on inside of me. This is it-I’m really going to Africa. Most people dream of… Read More