April in Paris

April in Paris Chestnuts in blossom Holiday tables under the trees April in Paris, this is a feeling That no one can ever reprise I never knew the charm of spring I never met it face to face I never new my heart could sing I never missed a warm embrace Till April in Paris Whom can I run to What have you done… Read More


Black Parisian Goddess

Ceiling of the entrance of the Mosquee de Paris I love Paris in more ways that most will know. I’m over the traditional tourist-y spots and now feel like I have a true love for the city. While I don’t know it like the back of my hand, I will say that I’ve gotten to know some great secrets that have truly made my… Read More


Doors of Paris

A rustic door in the Marais section of Paris I felt compelled to start this post because of the many wonderful sights of architecture I’ve seen around Paris. I will continue to add to this post as I come across more doors. Enjoy: Tranquility and Divine Beauty in the Mosqée de Paris My home in Paris A rounded door on Rue Reaumur Wood and… Read More