Where’s the Party At? Amsterdam

It seemed like every African and Afro-European was in this spot. It was definitely on! If you go to Amsterdam, stand in the Newmarkt square section in the Red Light District and wait for an unmarked cab. When they see a Black person standing there, they will stop for you. Then, ask them to take you to Grand Café, (in English! Yes, they speak… Read More

In Bloem: Amsterdam

I had the pleasure of visiting Bloemenmarkt, in Amsterdam, Holland, where there are thousands of varieties of flowers. the smells, sounds and sights were truly mesmerizing, and I picked up a few flowers for myself… Bloemenmarkt, the daily flower market in Amsterdam


Doors of Paris

A rustic door in the Marais section of Paris I felt compelled to start this post because of the many wonderful sights of architecture I’ve seen around Paris. I will continue to add to this post as I come across more doors. Enjoy: Tranquility and Divine Beauty in the Mosqée de Paris My home in Paris A rounded door on Rue Reaumur Wood and… Read More