Black Style Now

While Tracy was busy joyfully (!) wrestling with the crowds in the tents, I decided to venture off to the Museum of the City of New York’s Black Style Now event. I did a post for this exhibit a while back, but I, myself had never gotten the chance to make it up to the museum. So I printed out the coupon for free admission, and made my way there. I was thoroughly entraced by the robust displays of clothing, history, and style. For once, I thought, someone actually CARED about the contributions of Black style to world culture. From the pictures of A’Lelia Walker’s elaborate wedding, and the display of her Parisian under dress, to the fabulous bling of a Tina Turner mini, to the ubiquitous celebrity lines of Beyoncé and Kimora, Black style has definately made it’s mark.

The sexy color-block dresses of Stephen Burrows

Hip hop style emerges in the ’80s with the likes of Fab Five Freddy and Run DMC

2nd from left: Tina Turner’s showgirl style; 3rd from right: An unconvential bohemian piece worn by Erykah Badu

Unsigned design talent is couture at it’s finest. From Left: Knit and denim ensemble, Sistahs of Harlem, Silver dress, Parsons School of Design Designer of the Year Natalia Allen, Wrap Dress, Douglas Says, Strapless gown, Michael Butler

Unconventional ensembles epitomize Black style. Skirt, blouse, and hat, Montgomery.

The universal, and undeniable uniform of Hip Hop: fitted cap, white tee, jeans, and Timbs.
Black Style Now
Through February 16
Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St


Lacoste- a study of earthy prepdom


Prairie Chic- Twinkle style…

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    I like how most of the dresses have this sort of African print on it. I am into prints like that myself and I make most of my clothes of the kind of prints. Im hoping to start a business out of it and I hoping if there will be anyway for you to help or if you will like to see my work at least.
    Im will be extremely happy if I get a reply from you

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