Black British Style

Up until a couple years ago, I wasn’t even aware that there was a breadth of black British tastemakers. However, upon hearing of an exhibit on Black British Style at the Victoria and Albert museum (and becoming green with envy over it not traveling over to the States), I immediately looked this book by its co-curator, Carol Tulloch, up at my local library:

and discovered a bevy of black fashion that has seldom been credited around the globe, such as:

The working class fashion of the 1950s

The Anglo/Bboy look of the mid 80s

or the street style of the present day

Interested in more Black British Style? Check the website out at:



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  1. They have a similar exhibition in NY in September…

    Angel @ I Like Her Style!

  2. @Angel:
    Thanx for putting us on!

    @Tracy: That’s SO funny! You must have ESP or something because I’m reading Black Style right now!.. No lie, it’s in my purse!

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