I found it so peculiar that so many American’s got so upset over the airing of Black Girls Rock show, given that its been around for about 10 years. Now that Michelle Obama got on board to present, it’s goal-promoting positive and uplifting images and messages to impressionable Black girls- has somehow become a racist program, created to further divide Americans. I found it laughable that a few critics even went to far as to proclaim “White Girls Rock!” 
As if the general population has not heard that sentiment since the beginning of colonialism.
Why can’t Black women be allowed to shine and express their beauty and happiness in their own right after centuries of being told the opposite?
That said, the ladies rocked it out in an awesome array of Black and white styles:
So much so that it inspired me to pick out a few black and white pieces for my spring outings.
Black Jumpsuit, $73, White Jumpsuit, $81, Bandeau Dress with Lace Detail, $109, White Strapless Lace Dress, $135, Striped Skirt, $45