Project Runway contestant Chris March is suing Beyoncé’s handlers

So who watched project Runway lastt night? I loved some of the pregnant pieces coming down the runway, especially the black evening gown. It just made the woman look so elegant, while gracefully accentuating her curves. I could see that in a Monique Lhuillier collection. Maybe that’s why she liked it so much!

Speaking of Project Runway…

Chris March, fourth runner up in the fourth season of Project Runway has sued the costume designers for Beyonce’s I Am… tour for non payment. The designer, known for outrageous designs on the show. The suit claims that he is owed over $45,000.

“Chris March’s lawsuit is not against Beyoncé, but rather against Thierry Mugler and Tancrede Prinz, who owe Chris money for having designed and fitted Beyoncé’s costumes,” March’s lawyer, Leslie Ben-Zvi, told E! News.

March, working with Thierry Mugler, was assigned the job of head designer by Mugler for the tour, and sent several invoices to the designer before filing suit.

“Chris continues to be a big fan and admirer of Beyoncé,” Zvi said. “And Beyoncé is a big fan of Chris’ as well. She continues to look beautiful in anything she wears, especially Chris’ costumes.”

I really hope he gets paid. Soon. Name-dropping doesn’t pay the bills.