It never fails. Every year as the weather changes from warm to cool, my hands become severely dry, wind burned and discolored. I’ve never found a moistuizer that could completely eleviate my cracked and hardened skin, but my hands always returned to normal after a couple of weeks. However, this year it’s my lips! This was a new one on me. First, I noticed dark spots, then the chaffing and dryness began, followed was redness and a hint of a burning sensation and numbness. Covering it with lip gloss was not going to make it go away, and I had to act fast because this is my face we’re talking here. It’s the first thing people see! So, I turned to a friend and trusted source when it comes to beauty, Editor at Hype Hair magazine and, Allyson Leak. I’ve picked-up some pretty good info and tips for maintaining my natural beauty with items already sitting in my kitchen cabinet. No need to spend any money.

Here’s what she said to do for my current condition:

“Exfoliate very gently with a little raw sugar every two days using warm water and a toothbrush, but be very gentle. Then, before you go to sleep dab olive oil (if your not allergic) on your lips and put a little vaseline on top to coat it. Try this for two weeks to try and get your lips back to normal. After two weeks if the problem has subsided then still do the vaseline/olive oil once a week during the winter months.”

Arlice Nichole