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So yesterday the Transportation Security Administration announced that passengers would be allowed to purchase liquid and other items like gels and beauty goods in secured areas of the airport (what a way to gain airline revenue-Good going Bush!) You may also bring personal beauty items 3 ounces or less in a clear quart-sized ziplock bag. My challenge to you: What products would you put in the bag?

Sep 26, 10:43 AM EDT

Air passengers adjust to security rules

Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA (AP) — Travelers showed up at airports with toiletries stored in zip-top plastic bags Tuesday as they tried to comply with new security rules allowing them to carry on small amounts of liquids and gels.

“I was thrilled to hear yesterday that actually you can carry mascara on the plane,” said Val Chamberlain of Atlanta, who showed security screeners a plastic bag filed with mascara and small toiletries.

Beginning Tuesday, liquid and gel toiletries in 3-ounce containers or smaller are allowed if they are in a clear plastic, quart-size ziplocked bag. Some items were permitted in any amount: saline solution, eye drops and prescription and non-prescription medicine, according to TSA spokesman Christopher White.

Drinks, liquids and gels purchased in airport stores inside security checkpoints can be carried into passenger cabins, while baby formula is allowed but will be inspected.
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  1. I’m going to have to check it until the rules let up…my ummm…large hair will laugh in the face of 3 ounces of anything. Good try though.

    p.s I posted the answer to your shoe question, you’ve got to see the other pair they have!

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