Obama-dressed women celebrate the arrival of the Obamas to Ghana in July

When Barack Obama was elected the first President of color of the United States, the world wide excitement not only motivated people but inspired a new movement. I coudn’t go anywhere in New York (or Africa for that matter) without seeing an Obama tshirt, handbag, sweater, or pin. I even saw Obama sneakers. So what to do when this look makes it to the red carpet? Is it hip? Is it tacky? Or is the dress just poorly made? Judge for yourself when you take a look at actress Victoria Rowell’s fashionable homage to Barack’s push for healthcare reform.

Rowell at the Emmy’s on Sunday

“Yesterday, the opportunity presented itself “Lights, camera, and no healthcare action?’ Setting the ruffles and caviar dreams aside is but a meager gesture to echo the herculean efforts of a healthcare reform package long overdue and one which President Obama is introducing for all Americans,” Rowell told ESSENCE.com