The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama

There has been much to do about this exhibit featuring the satire of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Yesterday, artist Yazmany Arboleda, a Boston artist, had his midtown exhibit shut down amid anger and controvery from the public. Sadly many have only bothered to look at the Obama portion, and therefor have a skewed perception of what the entire piece is. Yes, the imagery is harsh, insulting a degrading to Obama. But has anyone taken a look at the Clinton piece? It is equally degrading to her as a woman, and harshly criticizes her campaign schemes. These pieces actually say something, as opposed to being art for arts/publicity sake. There are unspoken truths that our ‘modern’ society keeps repressed in the name of being politically correct. Lets keep the fire on these issues–racist and sexist– alive. We have work to do.

The Assassination of Hillary Clinton

The Assassination of Barack Obama

I always urge you to look at both sides of the story before coming to conclusions.



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