As Good As It Gets: Khia

Images: Bossip

Good Photography + Good Photoshop skills = Serious Payday. Check out rapper Khia in a series of pictures taken by photographer extraordinaire Derek Blanks, that actually make her look halfway professional.


To Do, To Do: Slick Rick


Really, Really Empty Logic


  1. LMAO on “halfway professional”

  2. I love this chic!

  3. Miss Jaz

    She looks SO pretty & I’m a BIG fan!!!! Forget the haters!

  4. Anonymous

    this are some very good pic im a huge fan fuck them hataz she can rap better trina

  5. Anonymous

    Me personally I think she is Hot as hell. I love ghetto chics!!

  6. Anonymous

    omfg doesn’t look ANYTHING like that fugly hoe who sang that “lick my p@#$y and crack” crap

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