I think Hassan Hajjaj is about to blow up. The Moroccan artist is featured this weekend in a photo/video exhibition featuring musicians of an eclectic range of music.

Combining photography, video, music, fashion and interior design, this exhibition showcases Hajjaj’s personal “rock stars” — an eclectic group of nine musicians from around the world who inspire the artist.



After that, head over to another exhibit at the museum featuring photographer George Osodi:

“The idea behind this project is to travel around this diverse country and go beyond the portraits to explore the subjects’ environments—being the custodians of our cultural heritage and peace makers—exploring their architecture and fashion with the view to showcase and celebrate them and to mirror the country’s great culture through their personalities.”

 GEORGE OSODI | Royals and Regalia: Inside the Palaces of Nigeria’s Monarchs
 Newark Museum
49 Washington Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102