Corridor, 2003
Lorna Thompson is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist whose collection of works–spanning over 30 years–will be honored in a retrospective at the Baltic Gallery in Gateshead, UK.
Thompson’s works are a collection of photography, video and multimedia objects that focus on the interpretation of gestures, and often have the feeling of an anthropologic study. The stark images invite the viewer to make their own commentary–horrific or benign—on the imagery, while pulling on her own experience, such as in Momentum, in which she explains how, as a child,  she was horrified by a dance performance in which she took part, but found incredibly boring.

Momentum, 2011
Waterbearer, 1986
You’re Fine, 1988
I’ve really been feeling the works of the women masters as of late. They have been providing compelling pieces that open up dialogue about sex and race, and they all have several solid decades behind them that create a full picture of the evolution of their visions.
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