Apartheid/Racism, Grapus. France, 1986

I recently visited the Museum of Design Atlanta for an exhibition of graphic posters voicing ideas on war, women’s rights, and environmentalism that was both explosive, thought-provoking, and at times, visually arresting. Ranging from art fighting female circumcision to world hunger, artists from around the world voice their fears, frustrations, and hopefulness through the printed medium. Showing from May 19-August 15, 2009
Visit http://www.museumofdesign.org/ for info.

Free Angela Davis, Felix Beltran. Cuba, 1971. This art was made in response to Davis’ alleged involvement regarding the imprisonment of the Soledad Brothers. Read about it here.

Hunger Crime, Luba Lukova. USA

Women Don’t Get AIDS, Gran Fury. USA, 1991

Against Violence to Women, Lourdes Zolezzi. Mexico, 2000
Save It, Faustino Perez Organero. Cuba, 1983

Eco Crime, Luba Lukova. USA,1998

The famous Gorilla Girls Print

Victory, Shigeo Fukada. Japan, 1975. Depicting a reversed bullet.

Rape Line, Lanny Sommense. USA, 1986. This image was meant to display on a college campus, but was deemed too graphic.

Sudan, Luba Lukova.