The Art of Scat

Bobby Mcferrin riffs with guitarist Richard Bona

Do you remember Bobby Mcferrin? (of Don’t Worry, Be Happy fame) While many have dismissed him as a one-hit wonder, McFerrin is hailed as a musical genius around the world. And rightly so. His musical prowress as composer and scatting impresario has gained a cult following. I was recently reminded of his ingenuity as I watched a few video clips of his performances. Which brought me to my larger love of Jazz, and it’s infiltration into another major part of my life, Hip Hop.

I won’t get into the history of jazz, scat, and it’s modern incarnations, nor do I profess myself to be a scholar; but I will provide you with some new and not-so new scat improvisations that are sure to refresh your mind and music collection. Enjoy.



Taste The Rainbow: Color Accessories


Earthy Conscience

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  1. Tatiana,

    Thanks for this. It seems that there is a small resurgance in scat singing. There’s a new singer namd ledisi, who uses a lot of scat improv in her singing, and i came across this link on youtube called “Boperetta”. It’s a scat musical.

    Have also been to some underground events where beatboxers, emcees, and scatters shred the stage. Good stuff, definitely.

    The legacy of Ella has not died 🙂

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