And what a coincidence: Love Hangover

I was looking up some info on my favorite diva, Diana Ross, last week, and got caught up in Ross’ Love Hangover. Do you know, I had that song on repeat for a whole week? I just love how it starts off slow, and sultry, and breaks out into pure disco fever. Song producer Hal Davis says of the recording:

“It was a late session; we started at about nine o’clock at night. I had it all planned out because I know how Diana is about atmosphere in the studio. So I told them to have some hot red lights put around and also a strobe light. Diana came in, took her shoes off, and got into it sort of slow. The song had two tempos, starting off kind of sultry, which was easy for her. But when we got to the disco part, I remember her laughing and saying, ‘I can not do that!’

“So at that point, I had them turn the lights on and we had the place jumpin’ like a disco. That’s all she needed; she just took off after that. It turned out to be a lot of fun for her and she even improvised a little Billie Holiday in there that I didn’t expect. There’s even a part in there where she’s laughing on the track. I didn’t edit it because I wanted to keep that sense of spontaneity.”

Erykah Badu paid tribute to the icon last night at the 2007 BET Awards, and though not quite as sexy, I still had fun watching the young soulstress revel in the vintage tune.

Listen to Love Hangover


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  1. Kim

    I feel you! Love Hangover is truly one of the disco classics, and Erykah did a great job!

  2. I love this song as well. Erykah brought it back. I thought she did a pretty good job. Remember Erykah remade this song.

    “Ya booty might be bigger, but I still can pull yo’ n*gga, but I don’t want him!”

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