I was invited to a screening of the wildly popular web series Awkward Black Girl by writer Issa Rae last Thursday. By the time I made it to the Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem, I was greeted by a line that snaked around the theater to the middle of 124th St. Then I felt a few droplets of rain, and was just about to give up and leave when my guy showed up.

 “We don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. It’s raining, and the line is crazy.”

 “Oh, you’re one of those?” he replied.
I felt bad because I dragged him out to see this screening, so I ended up staying and watching. Pharrell showed up and made the night interesting, and Issa apologized for running on severe CP Time. I’m really glad that Pharrell put some support behind the series, but knows not to change the flavor that made it so popular. It was all good. No people talking during the show. No cell phones rang. No crying babies. Just a good show. Most awkward moment of the night? A mouse that sent a theater full of awkward Black folks jumping on top of their seats!

Here’s episode 3:

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