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Another conundrum that has been bugging me as of late is Amy Winehouse. Prior to this year, my only reference to the English jazz and soul singer was the constant reports of her boozing on and offstage behavior on Perez Hilton. Adding her proclivity for big, messy hair and even louder makeup to the mix:

and I was ready to write her off as an overhyped hot mess… until I heard a rehashing of her hit, You Know I’m No Good, featuring one of my favorite rappers of all time, Ghostface Killah, on the radio a few months back. Not only was I feeling the hip-hop beat and Motown flow, I was also intrigued by the strong and distinctive voice. After typing in a search for her on YouTube, I came across some of the best music I’ve come across in a minute- including a nice little gem of hers called Rehab:

After rushing to pick up her recent album (her US debut), Back To Black, and her debut (released here as an import) record, Frank, I listened and finally understood the buzz behind the 2007 Brit Award winner. Going beyond the ‘vanilla soul child’ formula, Amy Winehouse succeeds in bridging the gap between the classic (and sorely missed) grooves of 60s soul and 70s jazz with contemporary hip-hop sensibilities. Though the sounds of her first and second album are drastically different, the similarity is in her ability to interpret a genre or mood.

The enigma, it seems, is trying to understand someone who is shaping out to be today’s musical Jekyll-and-Hyde, complete with grand music and legendary tantrums. It’s startling to the point where she’s become a conundrum of sorts. Despite this, I highly recommend that you check her out:
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  1. Anonymous

    Cutting edge stuff ! (Have you been in a coma for several months ?)

  2. Uhhh…no. Unlike most pop culture blogs out there, we’re not ones to jump on the hype bandwagon, and we don’t always agree with popular opinion. That’s why we’re so unique. We’d rather take our time, and write a validated, un-biased opinion. So to answer your question in a nutshell–we’re wide awake.

  3. Anonymous

    pass to Frank is dalfa

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