Alex and Ani: Beautiful Beatitude

Consciousness isn’t usually the first thing that I associate with jewelry, for baubles have been– for the most part — associated with affluence and allure. However, after coming across a jewelry line that– in the words of founder and designer, Carolyn Rafaelian– creates a stronger sense of purpose through powerful, meaningful, and spiritual elements, I’ve come to see that glamour and awareness can successfully coexist in the form of Alex and Ani‘s jewelry and accessories:

amethyst and fuschia crystal Ocean Current earrings, $88

Smara five-drop wood necklace, $128

Shalya russian gold necklace, $148

Scorpio russian gold earrings, $98

Queen of the Highway beaded/ russian gold expendable bangles, $98
pink rose gold Vernal wonderwoman cuff, $78

pale amethyst dotted russian gold Standing on the Moon chain belt, $178 swarovski crystal vintage stone hair comb, $28

While the mix of downtown chic and uptown polish has caught the eye of such fashionistas as Mary J. Blige, its charity through in founding Project USA , an organization geared towards providing aid to those in need, showcase their willingness to put their ability to put their money where their mouth is.
Interested? You can either check out their website, or Saks Fifth Avenue and other fine stores.



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  1. Anonymous

    I love this Alex and Ani line…the colors, the designs. It’s really classy. I saw a sample sale on for this brand on monday. I am definitely going to check it out to see what they have. Everything has a tendency to sell out there quickly, so if you go, get in early!

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