I’m not new to this game. I’m just a little more quiet about it.

Way, way back, many years ago, I was just a girl in the fashion world. Fresh out of college, I worked for a fledgling trend forecasting company called Stylesight, which was then run out of the owner’s apartment on 23rd St. in New York City. From there I went on to become a fashion assistant for Suede Magazine, where I had the time of my life working the closet, attending fashion shoots and getting the lay of the fashion land. When Suede closed, I was devastated, but, determined to stay in the game, I worked a few shows for Tracy Reese, dressing the models for the stage.

From there I worked a few seasons for Catherine Malandrino where I spent more than a few nights in her offices on 38th and 8th, eating takeout and preparing for shows. Following my stint at Malandrino, I went on to work the press office of Christian Louboutin, where I prepared shoes and bags for press junkets for every celeb in Hollywood – wearing Louboutins, which were required when working the office or delivering press items.

Through all of this, I vowed to start a magazine that was an homage to Suede, but something better. I set out in 2006 to create a small publication that soon went digital before digital formats were the thing. In June of 2006, I launched the blog, which is where I currently write from time to time.

As I peruse the blogosphere, I can’t help but feel a certain way about the celebrity of certain bloggers. In my eyes, it was never about me. When I went to fashion shows, I went to chronicle the artistry and talent of the designers, not hobnob with them. They were the stars, and I was just giving them their due respect by taking a back seat to the glitz of self-promotion. As a result, I never was that ‘popular’ internet girl, and I’m still ok with that. I’m doing what is important: giving respect where it is due to designers and tastemakers.