My good friend Stephanie is 90% Raw Foodist. For those of you who don’t know, raw foodists eat food that has not been prepared beyond 118 degrees. It’s a pretty interesting concept, and I’ve been surprised by some of the offerings, but don’t count me as a convert. The first time I actually sampled professional raw food cuisine was when Steph took me over to Pure Food and Wine over in the East Vilage. I remember having a raw sushi roll and a brownie-ice cream concoction. It was absolutely delectable!
So tonite, I’m going to a get together with Steph and some friends in Tribeca, and plan to bring along some raw food concoctions of my own. The first is a raw sushi roll, and the second is a mango pudding (because I LIVE for mango season) Here are the recipes. Try it, and open yourself to something different.
Sushi Rolls:
Ingredients:Package of untoasted Nori (Seaweed), 1 cucumber, grated carrots, 1 avocado, habernero pepper (you can leave the pepper out if you can’t handle the hotness!)

I don’t have a sushi roller, so I use wax paper instead. Place the seaweed down, short end towards you. Add the cucumbers first (as a sort-of base). Blend the carrots and the pepper, and sprinkle over the cucumber. Lastly add the avocado, and roll!. Keep a cup of water next to you, so that you can seal the edge of the roll closed. The hardest part is cutting thm, so make sure you have a sharp knife.

Mango Pudding:
Ingredients: Mangoes, Lime, Strawberries, Honey to taste.
This is really easy. Just puree the mangoes, and add the skin of at least one mango, to add texture. Squeeze half a lime into the mixture, and add honey to taste. After you’ve blended the pudding, pour into a bowl. As an added touch, I blended stawberries separately, and swirled into the puree. Freeze for about 20 minutes before serving.