So, you’ve procrastinated. Or you forgot to pick up a gift. Or there is a new addition to your set of friends. Whatever the reason, you can still get something today, and feel good about your selection (and not actually look like you forgot!). Here’s a pick of 5 cool things I would wouldn’t mind receiving myself:

For the style-lover:

Afros: A Celebration of Natural Hair
by Michael July

Available at:
Bookmarc (Marc Jacobs)
400 Bleecker Street (West Village)
New York, New York 10014
Tel: 212-620-4021

Store Hours
Sun – Sat 12-9pm

For the hostess:

Wishbone Bottle opener, $14 for locations and store hours

For the laid back man:

Zara Man Chunky Knit sweater, $40 for locations and store hours

For the foodie:

Fairway “Haute Food” Gift Basket, $30 for locations

For the pampered princess:

Reflexology Session at Frederic Fekkai Salon, $80
712 Fifth Avenue, Fourth Fl, NYC 10019
Ph: 212-753-9500