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Lavish Style: Fashionable Sneaks


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I run from time to time and even occasionally hop in a race or two. And while Newton’s and Nikes are my preferred sneakers of choice, I love a cute, casual pair to wear in the daytime. Check out this video on make the most out of a fashionable pair of sneakers.

Latest Pinings: My Pinterest Style Board


I’ve been needed an injection of style ideas for a little while now. While I’ve been scanning Instagram for new stylists, I’ve picked up a few new style influencers to give me the inspiration I need. Have  a peep at my Style, and other Pinboards for some ideas. I’ve been adding key pieces to the shop, when I see something I really love. Check out the Lavish Store
– there’s some really awesome finds in there!

Lavish Music: But You Caint Use My Phone

Erykah Badu is that crazy girlfriend that out-crazies you and you love her for making you laugh, cry, vent, and it keep it all the way real. Because she is just true. So how geeked was I to hear her new mixtape But you Caint Hear My Phone?

I’ve missed Ms Erykah. Sure, she’s put out a few solo gems here and there, but I haven’t heard a solid album from her since Mama’s Gun. And I own all her albums, so I would know. Phone, with its obvious Drake shoutouts, consistent phone theme, and a surprising duet with ex, Andre 3000 gives me that trip, psychedelic, neo-soul drip that I’ve missed from her. Nothing too far out like New Amerykah, but just high enough in the clouds to stay within the hemisphere, so we can all come back down and process that shit. I’m all here for it.

My faves:
U Use to Call Me
What’s Yo Phone Number
and Hello

But You Caint Use My Phone is on iTunes.

And did you catch the Soul Train Music Awards? She did her thing as the host. Loved the Soul Cipher.


What I WON’T Be Doing on Black Friday

#blackfriday #blackoutblackfriday

IG: yagazieemezi

IG: yagazieemezi

I’m not ashamed to say that I love the finer things in life. My website is an obvious testament to that. An indulgence here and there is my way of giving myself a pat on the back for toughing it out through life’s rough spots, of rewarding myself for a job well done. But here’s the thing.

I won’t be shopping on Black Friday.

See, Black Friday has never been a big deal for me. All that hype for sales on things that I never really needed for the sole reason of the sale? I’m not that kind of shopper. A friend of mine, who is so anti-Black Friday actually shocked me a few years ago when he went all out on an electronics spree and cajoled me along. I even ended up buying a large flat-screen TV that I honestly rarely use, because regular TV watching is just not my thing.

So here’s what I’ll be doing on Black Friday.

Yes, I run. I’ve been running on and off all year, and even managed to rack up a few medals. But right now I’m in training mode for a half marathon and a full, so I’m super focused right now. And with all the weight I’ve lost this year, I’m not trying to fall off right now. So its me, Jeff Galloway, and the road.

Doing Boring Administrative Shit
The DMV is empty the day after Thanksgiving. And so are most government buildings, but since the day after Thanksgiving is not a holiday, they have to be open. Seize the day to run all those dreaded administrative errands that you hate. It will be less painful today.

Getting Rid of Stuff
Instead of buying more stuff, get rid of the massive load of crap you’ve been accumulating all year round, and make a bee line for your local donation center. Nobody will be there, because they’ll all be shopping for Black Friday Deals. So you can be in and out in no time.

Trashing My Inbox
I use this time to get my email inbox down to zero, or as close to it as possible. I’ve been using a system by David Allen for organizing emails into manageable folders and lists, instead of starring and forgetting.

Picking Up The Phone
-Or the Skype. Or the WhatsApp for my international friends. -and connecting with all the people in my life that I’ve always said “I’ll catch up with you soon”. Because tomorrow is not promised, as I’ve learned a few times this year.

Of course if you MUST shop this year, I urge you to support Black businesses. Black Girl Long Hair has a fabulous list of Black businesses to shop this season. Let’s build wealth in our communities! Here’s the list.

Here are some of my personal favorites:
AlterEgo Pole Fitness
Black Girls Run
Dapper Black Box
(for the conscious men in your life)

Kamali Academy Educational Curriculum
The Mane Choice
OrangeMoon Holistic Health
Organic Soul Chef

And of course, me! I’m offering my Brand Kickstart Design Package until 11/30, so start your own brand with my design expertise. Details here.

The Hotness: A Happy Crossover Bag

“Come on get happy…”

This lil bag put a smile on my face this morning. As the NYC air gets chillier by the day, let a little sunshine in your life.


Les Petits Joueurs Crossbody Bag, $630, Saks

Lavish Eats: Spelt Apple Tarte Tartin

Now before you balk at considering spelt in a dessert dish, I just want you to have a look at this:


I mean, no dessert that looks that delicious smothered in maple and vanilla goodness can be bad, right? I am so trying this, maybe not for the holidays, but definitely the weekend. You can find the entire recipe over at Gather and Feast.


Black Friday Promo: Design Special

I’ve been a professional digital designer for over 15 years. My roster? Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann Taylor, Madewell, Spanx, and Yoox. If you want to kick off the new year with a new fashion brand, I can get you started! 


Have you been dreaming of opening your online business? Do it for real this time. (Expires 11/30/15 at 11:59PM)

I’m offering a Black Friday Design Sale. For this special, this is what you’ll get:
*A 30 minute Skype or Google Hangouts call with me to really set the groundwork
*A one-page website,
* Custom logo
* Social media setup. Launch your stylish brand with a pro designer who has launched major campaigns for multimillion dollar brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, OppenheimerFunds, and Hearst Digital. Ready?

Let’s Get Started!

Introducing The Lavish Shop


Gucci on Amazon? Hell yes!

I get inspired daily by the ingenious fashion bloggers and tastemakers I find across the web. I wanted to have my own space, based on the fabulous outfits I’ve found, where I could collect key pieces inspired by some of these looks – wardrobe basics and standout styles that will perk up my closet.

So I started putting together a shop where I could merge my inspiration with deals I find across Amazon, the behemoth of hidden bargain stores. I dug up Gucci bags, Milly dresses, Christian Louboutin and a host of other unexpected fashion gems. Have a peek at the new Lavish Store here, but be careful – you might fall down the rabbit hole of incredible finds you never knew you needed!

About Last Weekend: Solange in Milly


Dress, Milly 2016

The dress is everything to me. The red, the flamenco arm details, the mid-calf length. Just the perfect embodiment of a sultry, grown woman look that turns head with just the right amount of skin. This dress is a total winner.

Peep more dresses in the new Lavish Shop!

I’m Just Here For The Fashion



Because, it’s an award show, and award shows make me blah. For the most part. I mean I did love the BET awards this year, and that was mainly because Kendrick Lamar killed it. Jennifer Lopez put a bunch of us under-40-somethings to shame in a series of fashion stunners. And Ciara won the red carpet in Reem Acra. That’s all I’ve got.


Man, listen. #jlo #amas #americanMusicAwards #instafashion #celebstyle @jlo killed it.

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