Age limit? As if!

Ruffle Panty from the Letters of Marque Collection

Now that Stacey Dash has once-again proven that you can be 40+ and incredibly hot in her King magazine spread, Ms. Dash has come out with a sexy and sophisticated line of lingerie called "Letters From Marque". Dash says she became inspired after learning about her Dutch heritage. The line, which has an early Victorian feel, is comprised of silky caftan robes with delicate lace trim, and innocently delicate loungewear and panties.

This “letter” is a historical document given to pirates; making them privateers and giving them permission to invade and take the booty they found. Electrified by this story and passionate about the era it belonged to, the appropriately named “Letters Of Marque” was born..

Letters of Marque is available at fine lingerie stores in the US, Paris, and Tokyo.
Prices start at around $85 and up. For your nearest store location, click here.

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