I remember listening to Wendy Williams waaaaay back in the day on 98.7 Kiss FM in New York. I followed her religiously on the radio, from Hot 98 to WBLS where her legendary gossip destroyed names with a flick of a microphone. I remember all the crazy interviews including the infamous Whitney meltdown. I even remember back in the 90's, when she had that falling out with Angie Martinez. I think it was Bugsy on the turntables and he forgot to turn off his mic while a song was playing, and all of NYC got to hear the juicy details of what went down. I even had the chance to call in, and jokingly called her a drag queen. Those were the days. 

Of course Wendy has moved on to bigger and better things, and I congratulate her.

How you doin', Wendy?

Rihanna gives 60's mod realness in her latest shoot for the Summer 2015 issue of V Magazine. Indulge.

Nothing touches my eclectic soul like intricate beading and embroidered mirrors, the likes of which remind me of my times in southern India, where I came across a band of talented crafting gypsies in Goa. Worn as a clutch or a low slinging bag, it is a bohemian delight.

Bag, Antik Batik, $224

Currently devouring: 

God Help The Child by Toni Morrison, Random House, $25


Zoe Kravitz was absolutely glowing at the premier of Good Kill at the Tribeca Film Festival on Monday. Her makeup was a fresh and soft approach, easily replicated with beauty's secret weapon: the stain. Not as shiny as a gloss, and not as deep as full on color, the stain delivers because it gives you just a hint of hue, leaving you looking dewey and pleasantly flush. 

As always, the best tip for a fresh face is clean, glowing skin, so always start out with a cleanser and moisturizer. Then add in your concealer, and gently contour, as Zoe does. After your face is primed, add in a dab of these makeup touches to give you that stained glow!

Tarte Cheek Stain in Yummy Rose, Sephora, $30; Perfect Eye Pencil in Desire, IMAN,  $10; Kimmel Soft Kohl Kajak Eye Liner, $4, Drugstore.com; Man Luxury Lip Stain in Pink, IMAN,  $9; Ultrabland Facial Cleanser,  LUSH$17; 

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